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“Everything has been said already, but not yet by everyone.” – Karl Valentin


Quote of the Day

You know when you come across a quotation and it speaks to you one hundred percent, when it fits perfectly to your life or to yourself in that moment? Surely you know this feeling, as well.

I simply love quotations and funnily the quote above describes exactly, why I love them. Everything has probably been said already and a quotation can put your own thoughts in a nutshell that you couldn’t put into words yourself.

That’s why I thought it might be cool if I Read the rest of this entry


The Simple Things in Life



The other day I found this on our kitchen table! This little note really made my day. My roommate had left it for me. He always drinks this Yogi tea, where there is a little saying on every tea bag. They can be truly wise but sometimes the sayings are rather flat. Anyway, I found it so funny that this exact saying was lying on the kitchen table. I saw it and I was really happy!

It doesn’t have to be big happiness, because it’s these Read the rest of this entry