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Why vegan? – Part 3: For the People



In my last blog entry „Why vegan? – Part 2: For the Environment” I explained the environmental damages caused by the dairy and meat production. Logically, these damages influence us humans directly. To accommodate meat and dairy production, forests are cleared, air and water becomes polluted and thus, the humans destroy their own living environment. Many people have to suffer due to not having enough drinking water, especially in developing countries.

Following on from the last blog entry: dairy/meat production is not Read the rest of this entry


My story: Why did I decide to become vegetarian/vegan? – Part 2: How I could suddenly see the purpose in my studies



I study Philosophy as my major (6th semester) though I somehow lost track of the ‘why’ after a while. After graduating high school I didn’t have a clue what to do. Since I was really interested in Philosophy and Ethics, I thought it was worth a try. At uni this subject mainly turned out to be Read the rest of this entry