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Vegan Wednesday #10


vegan wednesday

Yaaay, exam done and semester done! Now I can focus fully on Christmas – my first vegan Christmas 🙂 Today we went to the Christmas Market in Mannheim and picked up some last Christmas presents. Tomorrow I’ll go to my parents’ house and it’ll be vegan-Christmas-cookie baking time 🙂 There I’ll find all the kitchen utensils one could hope for and lots of space for baking! I will let you know what I baked and how it worked out.


Due to my exams I didn’t manage to write you a Saint Nicholas post 😦 I hope you had a great day, though! Apparently we have been good, because the generous St. Nicholas (alias Mum 😉 ) left a few things for us: Read the rest of this entry


Vegan Wednesday #5 – Special: Autumn recipe- Sweet Potato Pie



Today it’s a special Vegan Wednesday with a seasonal vegan recipe: sweet potato pie.

Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

With this I would like to contribute to the big autumn pinterest board that Cara from the beautiful blog think.care.act. is going to put up. Thanks for collecting all the pictures 🙂

Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie with almond-biscuit pie crust:

Ingredients: Read the rest of this entry

Avilia’s Recipe: Japanese Mochi with Peanut Butter Filling



Avilia's Recipe: Japanese Mochi with Peanut Butter Filling Vegan

Have you tried Mochi before?

Mochi is a Japanese sweet which, when translated, means “rice cake”, though has little to do with cakes as we know them. It depends on the filling, but generally Mochi is vegan. In Japan they can be part of a savoury dish, for example in a soup, as well as sweet.

I personally have only tried the sweet version so far and this is why I would like to show you some sweet Mochi variations – starting with: Mochi with a peanut butter filling.

If you have never tried Mochi before, I really recommend you give it a go! You might need a little time getting used to because they’re really sticky, but maybe you will love them as much as I do 🙂

I was really surprised how Read the rest of this entry