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Chocolate-Chestnut-Hazelnut-Cake Pops




Vegan Chocolate-Chestnut-Hazelnut-Cake Pops

Katharina from Frau von Blaubeer thought of a really cool autumn baking special! On each day of November a different blogger will introduce an autumn baking recipe (vegan, of course 🙂 ).

Katharina herself began the event with hazelnut cheese cupcakes with a cinnamon and chocolate ganache. You should definitely have a look, they look incredibly delicious!!! I’ll try this recipe, for sure.

Yesterday it was Lisa’s turn, from very classy. She made a quick autumn bread.

Well today, I get to bake 🙂 Since I love chestnuts, it had to be a recipe with chestnuts. That’s why I signed myself up with a chestnut cake. Surprisingly it presents itself in cake pop form, not as a cake 😉 I finally tried out making cake pops! You don’t need a cake pop maker or something special for this recipe.

But enough storytelling for now, here’s the recipe: Read the rest of this entry


HAPPY HALLOWEEN-Pumpkin Spice-Pancakes




Happy Halloweeeen, everyone!

On Halloween we, naturally, have very special pancakes 🙂

 Vegan HAPPY HALLOWEEN-Pumpkin Spice-Pancakes

And these pancakes would like to participate in Melis blog event who is celebrating her blogs first birthday. Congratulations ❤

First we need the recipe for the pumpkin spice syrup (you can also use this for other things, like a pumpkin spice latte):

Ingredients: Read the rest of this entry

Avilia’s recipe: Fig-Macadamia-Cakes with white Chocolate coating



Wir wollen Kuchen

Avilia’s recipe: Vegan Fig-Macadamia-Cakes with white Chocolate coating

Another Blog birthday and therefore another exciting Blog event 🙂 This time it’s Angie from Bissen für’s Gewissen, who invited everyone to bake cakes for the occasion of her 2-year blog anniversary. Congrats to your blog’s birthday, Angie!

Thanks to Angie pushing back the due date of the competition, I had enough time to participate and I once more tried out my (rather poor) baking skills.

The result was: Read the rest of this entry

Avilia’s Recipe: „New Girl“-Cupcakes




New Girl Cupcakes

I’m so happy that I came across the blog event from foodsandeverything! It combines Read the rest of this entry