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“Vegan for Youth” – Attila Hildmann


Vegan for Youth Attila Hildmann

Every meal counts […] towards positive balance – not only in order to stay young, but also for the world we live on. Vegan is anti-aging for body cells and the planet!” (Translated, Vegan for Youth – Attila Hildmann)

“Vegan for Youth” is a German cookbook/dietbook that was just published. It will be released in English-speaking countries in March 2014. If you want to lose weight, get healthier and look younger, you can do this 60-day-challenge where you only eat the recipes from the book. 60 days without animal products, sugar, white flour, preservatives, fast food… It has never been easier. A glance – here – into the preview shows you that this is not a usual diet 😉 (the preview is in German but the pictures should show you all you need to see 😉 )

Part of the Preview

Part of the Preview

As well as a new diet (along with freshly squeezed juices) you should Read the rest of this entry


Avilia’s Recipe: “Salad pizza” with rocket, avocado, cherry tomatoes and walnuts



Salad Pizza

Today I would like to introduce to you my favourite pizza – of course vegan: I call it the “salad pizza” because the topping (rocket, avocado, cherry tomatoes and walnuts) is placed raw, after the dough has been baked:

Ingredients (for 2 persons): Read the rest of this entry