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Why vegan? – Part 4: For Yourself



If a vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous nutrition is healthiest, it is difficult to prove. This is because there are many factors besides nutrition that influence your health, e.g. smoking, genetics, sport or stress.

It is a definite fact, and proved several times over, that vegetarian and vegan people are healthier. This can be attributed to Read the rest of this entry


Why vegan? – Part 3: For the People



In my last blog entry „Why vegan? – Part 2: For the Environment” I explained the environmental damages caused by the dairy and meat production. Logically, these damages influence us humans directly. To accommodate meat and dairy production, forests are cleared, air and water becomes polluted and thus, the humans destroy their own living environment. Many people have to suffer due to not having enough drinking water, especially in developing countries.

Following on from the last blog entry: dairy/meat production is not Read the rest of this entry

Why vegan? – Part 2: For the Environment



The meat and dairy production is the main cause of much environmental damage:

  • Deforestation: Forests are cleared, so animals can be raised and animal feed can be grown on the cleared land. Maybe you have heard before that Read the rest of this entry

Why Vegan? – Part 1: For the Animals


By now, I have already written some blog entries that mentioned the “horrible effects of meat consumption”. But what are these horrible effects? What are the general reasons for veganism?

If you haven’t dealt with this topic so much, maybe you’re asking yourself these questions. That’s why I want to introduce in each of the following blog entries one of the main reasons that speak against meat, egg and milk consumption, and for a vegan life style.

Reason One:

For the animals_eng

Worldwide meat consumption is definitely too high. Logically, the greatest sufferers because of it are Read the rest of this entry