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Vitamin C Juice Bomb



Today it’s all about juicing.

A freshly-squeezed juice is not only really delicious, but also very healthy. It gives you the possibility to take in a lot of vegetables and fruits that you would have trouble eating in one go. However, by juicing, you effectively lose total vitamins and minerals intake that you could’ve had, had you simply eaten it. One reason is that the peel isn’t in the juice, which is one of the healthiest parts. It is really important that you drink your fresh juice as quickly as possible. As soon as the fruit and veggies are Read the rest of this entry


Why vegan? – Part 4: For Yourself



If a vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous nutrition is healthiest, it is difficult to prove. This is because there are many factors besides nutrition that influence your health, e.g. smoking, genetics, sport or stress.

It is a definite fact, and proved several times over, that vegetarian and vegan people are healthier. This can be attributed to Read the rest of this entry