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Hey guys!
It has been a long time since my last English blog post. The reason for this is that I decided to only continue blogging in German. I would have loved to continue writing in both languages, but it is twice as much work and the response to my English blog was unfortunately very little.

So, if you want to read or see more about this blog, check out Avilia’s Way in German. You can try to use google translate/figure out the texts or just enjoy the pictures 😉
If you decide not to follow me anymore, I totally understand. I want to say thank you for the interest in my blog and veganism!
I wish you all the best!



Vegan Wednesday #6


vegan wednesday

Good evening everyone 🙂

What’s a typical Wednesday like for me, besides taking pictures of my food and enjoying delicious vegan dishes?

Wednesday is the only day of the week when I Read the rest of this entry


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My story: Why did I decide to become vegetarian/vegan? – Part 3: Finally Vegan!



So I became vegetarian and feeling really great about it. Even though realizing the cruelty of mass food production can be really suffocating, it felt good to finally be a part of it no longer, or so I thought. However, I realized quickly that I was still supporting animal suffering by consuming milk products and eggs. I wanted to give this up as well, and become vegan. The problem was trying to transition.

A huge problem was that at that time I Read the rest of this entry

My story: Why did I decide to become vegetarian/vegan? – Part 2: How I could suddenly see the purpose in my studies



I study Philosophy as my major (6th semester) though I somehow lost track of the ‘why’ after a while. After graduating high school I didn’t have a clue what to do. Since I was really interested in Philosophy and Ethics, I thought it was worth a try. At uni this subject mainly turned out to be Read the rest of this entry

My story: Why did I decide to become vegetarian/vegan? – Part 1: My earlier life of eating animals



The decision to lead a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle was a very big deal for me, considering that I grew up eating animals, like most of us. Suddenly I’d decided against something which was said my whole life to be self evident, normal and natural. Why? There were many small and big factors playing a role in this kind of decision. I can only speak for myself and I would like to tell you my personal story. This is not to give you general arguments for or against eating animals, but to explain to you what influenced me in my life to make this decision. Here we go:

Part 1 is about my prehistory: My earlier life of eating animals

When I think back I realize Read the rest of this entry

Oh no, not another veggie blog! – why I decided to start my own blog


If you’re vegetarian or vegan and active on the Internet, you might think „Here we go again, yet another veggie blog!“. By now there are numerous blogs out there that deal with the topic of Vegetarianism. From recipes to the 30-day-vegan-for-fit-challenge (you will find out what this is soon enough, english speakers!) or the simple lifestyle blogs – in the world of the internet there’s already everything one could hope to find.

Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog for a few months now. This is because I’m a fresh vegan and I’ve just recently taken Morpheuses  red pill (or was it the green one?) .


When you first find out what is actually going on in our society and in the food industry, it hits you. You think: how the hell is this all possible and why have I never thought about it before? Read the rest of this entry