Hi and welcome to my blog!


Actually my name is Astrid, but on the internet I use the pseudonym Avilia 🙂 I am 22 years old and live in Germany, together with my Australian and almost vegan boyfriend. At the moment I study philosophy and economics.

Although or maybe because I grew up in a very small town, I’ve always wanted to visit other places. I love to travel and get to know other countries and cultures. You learn so incredibly much from that!

Since June 2012 I’ve been vegetarian and since May 2013 vegan. I’m passionately interested in ethics and everything related to veganism. As I’m so happy with my decision to be vegan I would like to share it with as many people as possible. How and why I turned vegan you can read about here.

The main topics of this blog are going to be veganism and travelling. Hence I’ll write about things like philosophy, ethics, cooking and products, but also about other things that inspire me. For example, I love hand-crafting things and upcycling. Lately, I’m becoming more and more interested in politics and the happenings all over the world and in my society.

I welcome everyone to read my blog: whether you…

  • …are a fellow vegetarian or vegan
  • …are not vegetarian, but interested and thinking about it
  • …are a friend or family member who is interested in my life
  • Or whether you would just like to read about any of my other topics

Please comment, ask questions and give me advice. I know I have a lot to learn from all of you!

Thank you so much if you read this 🙂


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