Vegan Wednesday #10


vegan wednesday

Yaaay, exam done and semester done! Now I can focus fully on Christmas – my first vegan Christmas 🙂 Today we went to the Christmas Market in Mannheim and picked up some last Christmas presents. Tomorrow I’ll go to my parents’ house and it’ll be vegan-Christmas-cookie baking time 🙂 There I’ll find all the kitchen utensils one could hope for and lots of space for baking! I will let you know what I baked and how it worked out.


Due to my exams I didn’t manage to write you a Saint Nicholas post 😦 I hope you had a great day, though! Apparently we have been good, because the generous St. Nicholas (alias Mum 😉 ) left a few things for us:

Over the past few days the advent calendars also had some nice things!

But now on to the food. The highlights of the week were:

Hummus!!! Heaps of hummus 😀

Lentil soup

And lentil soup!!! Heaps of lentil soup 😀

I basically survived on nothing but this since the last Vegan Wednesday, because there was so little time to cook.

So today, we went to the Christmas markets. We were so happy when we found out through the Mannheim-vegan facebook group that there is a stand with some kind of vegan quiche! To our really big disappointment they didn’t have this anymore. There wasn’t much demand and they took it out of their menu 😦 So sad! Then we went around the Christmas markets for a little bit with empty stomachs, as we were too cheap to stuff ourselves up with chocolate fruits. So we went to the store ‘dm’ and got some vegan salami to calm down our stomachs for a bit.

Vegan Salami

We knew there were vegan potato pancakes at the Christmas market at Wasserturm, but we didn’t make it there. Instead we went to our well-known Ajino sushi bar and ordered the vegetarian meal without eggs, delicious miso soup and a free wakame salad:

Then we felt a lot better and went to the Christmas market at Wasserturm after all.

Mannheim Christmas Markets

Now I’m going to drink some tea and read the new nave, the magazine of the German vegetarian society.

I hope you all had a nice day!

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