Advent, Advent…


Hey you guys!

Unfortunately, I can only write a short blog post today for the first advent, and can’t present awesome Christmassy advent recipes like many of the other wonderful (vegan) bloggers. I’m now approaching the final stage of my exam preparation, only one week to go till my exam!

Nevertheless, I want to wish you all a beautiful first advent and a wonderful advent time!

I received no less than two incredibly awesome advent calendars this year that are going to sweeten up my advent time! 🙂 Since last year was a less traditional, but still beautiful Christmas in Japan, I thought to myself “I’ve earned two calendars this year” 😉

Advent calendar Vegan Box

My mum got me and my boyfriend the first advent calendar from the Vegan Box that I asked for. I was really happy about this, because it is not only vegan, but the profit is also donated to a children’s aid project in India. Further information you can find here (in German). Thanks, mum!

For the second calendar I participated in the vegan-secret-santa-kinda-thing that the lovely Carola from Twoodledrum organized. Here you could sign up (for different price categories) and were assigned to a partner. With the help of a questionnaire we could get to know each other a little bit. Then we had a little over a month to look for 24 little vegan presents and to send it to our partner. Here you can see some photos of advent calendars that were sent.

Advent calendar secret santa

I received this awesome parcel from my wonderful secret santa including a supercute card and an even cuter origami crane! Thanks so much! Through the questionnaire we found out that we both really like Japan 🙂

Paper crane

The crane has a really special meaning and stands for peace which I mentioned in my very first blog post. The girl Sadako Sasaki was exposed to the radiation in Hiroshima from the atomic bomb at the age of two and died in 1955 at the age of 12. In Japan people say when you fold 1000 origami cranes, you get a wish. In the belief that folding 1000 cranes would cure her disease, Sadako folded one after another. She died before she could finish. As Sadako’s story spread throughout the world, paper cranes have become an international symbol of peace.

I like to give people paper cranes myself and I really enjoyed receiving one 🙂

Here you can see what was behind my first advent calendar doors:

I was so happy and again thanks so much!

Did you all have a beautiful 1st advent? Do you celebrate these days in your countries? Do you have advent calendars and are you super excited about them like me? 🙂

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