“Vegan for Youth” – Attila Hildmann


Vegan for Youth Attila Hildmann

Every meal counts […] towards positive balance – not only in order to stay young, but also for the world we live on. Vegan is anti-aging for body cells and the planet!” (Translated, Vegan for Youth – Attila Hildmann)

“Vegan for Youth” is a German cookbook/dietbook that was just published. It will be released in English-speaking countries in March 2014. If you want to lose weight, get healthier and look younger, you can do this 60-day-challenge where you only eat the recipes from the book. 60 days without animal products, sugar, white flour, preservatives, fast food… It has never been easier. A glance – here – into the preview shows you that this is not a usual diet 😉 (the preview is in German but the pictures should show you all you need to see 😉 )

Part of the Preview

Part of the Preview

As well as a new diet (along with freshly squeezed juices) you should exercise and meditate to support the “become younger” effect. After 60 days every participant will be measurably younger! There’s a device that can measure this effect through your skin. The values of a few test persons AKA ‘first challengers’ that are introduced in the book prove the anti-aging functionality of the diet. Moreover, they had incredible weight loss: on average, a participant lost 7 kilos, and some many more than 10 kilos!

The book is structured as following:

In the first part Attila tells us about his search for ingredients to make people more youthful. This research brought him to Japan and to a village of 100-year-olds in Italy. Next to beautiful pictures from his travel, Attila describes his experiences, encounters and how every single step of his travel played out. To my regret, it turns out that Attila doesn’t really like Japanese food that much. In many of his descriptions I could relate to my own experience that I’d made in Japan which made the book very special to me. In the following you’ll see some photos of my travels in Japan which led to similar destinations as Attilia’s.

Then the scientific part follows. Attila introduces various scientific theories about aging and methods to measure it. This part is actually quite easy to understand and rather interesting. Attila explains it all with charts, proofs and scientific resources. He loosens the whole thing up a little with phrases like “Free radicals are gangsters on a molecular level” 😉

The first part is relatively thorough and after about 80 pages the recipes start. They are divided into the categories: breakfast, lunch/dinner, fresh & crunchy (salads, vegetable pasta), snacks, superfoods (juices) and desserts.

Gluten-free whole meal rice pasta is allowed (in contrast to Attila’s first book “Vegan for Fit”).

There are not many recipes using tofu. So someone who is allergic to soy products will find lots of ‘allergy-friendly’ recipes in “Vegan for Youth”.

Generally, “Vegan for Youth” offers fine delicious vegetable cuisine – in my opinion, this is the most difficult discipline in cooking. It takes real skill to create vegan recipes without substitutes (like faux meat) and to achieve that feeling that there is nothing missing from the meal.

One recipe I’ve tried so far is: Zucchini with avocado capsicum filling – a really, really delicious and quick recipe.

After the recipes the book is all about movement: exercise, stretching, meditation and Qi Gong. Attila introduces a few exercises and gives tips for meditating. Relaxation is an important part of the challenge, because nothing makes the body age more than stress.

Last but not least, a few motivating words. I think Attila really knows his way! “It is never too late to turn the time backwards”, a story about a 82-year-old ironman participant and much more. Even I, as the ultimate lazy bum, feel like doing the challenge after that!

After all this Attila is naturally still aware that we all have to age and die eventually. He points out how important it is to seize each day to the fullest and never waste a minute. As advice he tells you to just leave the computer off for one day and don’t always spend time on facebook or the internet. Personally, it felt like he was talking straight to my heart 😉 You know how time passes so quickly when you lose yourself on the internet? Should we spend most of our precious lives like this? I think Attila is right: better not 🙂 I’ll definitely try keeping his advice in mind…

After all this though, I have to say: I’m not going to do the challenge. With my tendency of being underweight I don’t want to risk losing even more weight.

This isn’t to say the book wasn’t worth it. Quite the contrary. I’m very interested in healthy recipes. In the end I bought it because of my passion for Japan. I had to buy this book that combines vegan recipes with Japan 😉 And even though I don’t have to lose weight, I should definitely get my butt off the couch! I’m a real couch potato and I know this laziness doesn’t do me any good. Inside I always feel stressed and unsettled. I definitely want to improve this by meditating and exercising. I hope Attila’s tips will help me.

That was my first impression of “Vegan for Youth”. I hope you liked it even though it was a big wall of text and there weren’t many pictures. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

I have some questions for you:

  • What do you think about this book?
  • Are you thinking about doing the challenge?
  • Are you interested in meditation?

Feedback is always appreciated, so if you like my blog/post don’t forget to like, share and/or comment – here or on facebook. Cheers!



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