Vegan Wednesday #7


vegan wednesday

As per usual around exam time, I didn’t manage to write another blog post since last Vegan Wednesday due to stressful studying – sorry! But this week there will definitely be another post!

Well, it’s not that studying in itself is the stressful part! If I didn’t have to waste so much time struggling with my inner self, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

…Anyway, continuing 🙂

There’s some news about Vegan Wednesday: 1st the organizers are looking for new pinners and 2nd the rules were ‘loosened up’ a little. The participants are now allowed to show highlights from their last weekdays (excepting Saturday/Sunday), rather than only what they ate on Wednesday. Further information you’ll find here (in German).

The change of rules are just right for me! Reason being; on Monday we ate something real nice that I want to show you:

Gyros out of soy meat with tzatziki and couscous salad

Gyros out of soy meat with tzatziki, baked potatoes and couscous salad. That was so delicious and amazing!: After marinating the soy-meat, it acquires this kind of delicious meat-like skin… who, in all honesty, still needs to eat animals when you have alternatives such as these?

I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast, but the rest of the meals I had today I can show you, on Vegan Wednesday – despite the rule changes. (For breakfast I had muesli – see Vegan Wednesday #5)


seitan burger and a salad with soy dressing

Today my boyfriend and I ate at cafga. This is a small café really close to my university which has started to offer more and more vegan choices! Naturally, we had to support this and try the cafe out. They have vegan kebabs, tofu burgers, seitan burgers, vegan paninis… really all dishes on their menu but one are vegetarian or vegan! Today we had the seitan burger and a salad with soy dressing. To wash it down I had a „ChariTea“. Yum!

Today I realised how many vegan choices Mannheim has to offer! I’m going to take this opportunity to take back my comment from last Vegan Wednesday. Apparently at our cafeteria they sometimes offer vegan meals that are declared as vegan (see here). That means I should really start eating at the cafeteria (after like a year of not eating there)! 😉


pasta with vegetables and a tomato-soy-cream-sauce pasta with vegetables and a tomato-soy-cream-sauce

Just a few hours ago we ate something that I’ve cooked many times before, when I have left-over vegetables that need to be used and dont feel like spending too long in the kitchen: pasta with vegetables and a tomato-soy-cream-sauce. Today almost all vegetable colours were represented: champignons, capsicum, zucchini and corn. On top we put some Wilmersburger vegan cheese, roasted pine nuts and fresh basil. I usually also add some onions, garlic and herbs and spices. We had the gluten free pasta from the Vegan Box November. Delicious 🙂

Well, that’s that 🙂 What delicious food did you have today?

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