VEGAN BOX November


Vegan Box

The new Vegan Box just arrived!!! What a pleasant surprise! I thought it would get here around the end of the week and I was so excited when our friendly neighbor brought it over just then 🙂

If you’re still expecting the Vegan Box, then don’t keep reading now 🙂 I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Click here for information about the Vegan Box and the VEGAN BOX October.

This month there are 9 products in the big Vegan Box and no testers. The value of the Box is 32,93€. With the price being 24,90€ the subscribers of the big Vegan Box therefore save exactly 8,03€. Not bad 🙂

Here are the products (almost all organic quality! 🙂 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish you all a wonderful and delicious day! 🙂

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