Happy World Vegan Day!



“World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated on 1 November, by vegans around the world. The Day was established in 1994 by […] The Vegan Society UK to commemorate its 50th anniversary.” (Source: Wikipedia)

In the style of my „Happy World Vegetarian Day“ post I would like to show you today how the vegan movement is looking at the moment and want to give all vegans out there (including myself 😉 ) a little hope!

A lot is going to change, it is already changing and you are all contributing to this! The world is not only bad, because you make it better with every purchase, every meal, every conversation ❤ It is not only a trend, but a movement! Thanks to the many activists, authors, organizations that speak up for animals, the vegan companies and all other companies that expand their vegan products, a lot of people are confronted with the vegan lifestyle and getting started to think.

There are only a few studies on the amount of vegans, but I found a few estimated numbers:


On the first view this number might seem small, but imagine how many animals these about 2 million people save, how much suffering they do not cause! And especially one can say for sure: every vegan sooner or later convinces a meat eater to go vegan 🙂 In general, more and more people are choosing vegan alternatives. Even though they’re not taking the whole step towards veganism, they are getting there. Every meal counts 🙂

I don’t know how you feel, but for me it is always interesting to find out which actors and famous people are vegan. Somehow this is the only thing I can remember! The whole numbers and facts I forget very quickly, but for actors I always know: “Ah, he/she’s vegan/vegetarian!” And then somehow they seem a lot better to me 😉 Since they play a big role for spreading veganism, as well, here’s a video with vegan celebs for you 🙂

Especially sales numbers are a good way to show the vegan movement.

Vegan Cook Book

Besides that, in Germany under the top 20 most sold cookbooks on amazon are six with only vegan recipes. Whereas five years ago there were only three vegan restaurants in Berlin, there are now 21! The German supermarket chain “Vegan” expands non-stop and is planning stores all over Europe.

Well guys, keep supporting all vegan products and companies, so the supply will increase even stronger 🙂

And if you’re not vegan, yet, what are you waiting for? Get started 🙂 Today on the world vegan day you can make the beginning! Even if it is just one day a week or one meal a day – you can change something!

I wish you all a great World Vegan Day and lots of fun celebrating!

We are going to celebrate having a delicious meal at Lövenzahn, the first purely vegan restaurant in Mannheim 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it!

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