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Another website that simply must be in your vegan/vegetarian link collection is:

It lists purely vegetarian accommodations worldwide. Not only hotels, but also small guesthouses, health & seminar centers, retreats and backpacker’s. VeggieHotels lists these places with the requirement that they serve neither meat nor fish.

Naturally, the majority of the listed VeggieHotels offer vegan options. Additionally, amongst the over 450 VeggieHotels there are now even more than 50 purely vegan accommodations!

I was lucky to gain small insight into the work of the start-up company during an internship. I really think it’s worth it to support them.

But just have a look for yourself! I find it quite exciting and often surf on their website, even when I’m currently not looking for an accommodation. It is really fun to have a quick view into several countries and to see how the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is represented there. And of course one can always dream of their ideal vegan holiday 😉

Check out a short “ for Dummies” guide 😉

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I’m really curious to see how it will develop over the next few years. The number of VeggieHotels will rise for sure and it will become a lot easier for us Veggies to travel. I can’t wait to spend a nice holiday at a VeggieHotel someday! 🙂 Here you can stay informed about the VeggieHotels news.


I wish you all a wonderful and delicious day! 🙂

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