Vegan Box October

My awesome and super nice brother got me the August Vegan Box for my birthday (thanks!) and I liked it so much that I decided to order it myself.

The Vegan Box works like every other order-box format: every month receive get a small selection of things to try (e.g. tea, whiskey or in this case vegan products) that are sent to your house.

I decided to do a monthly post of what’s inside the box, so that you can get some insight into new products without having to order them. But if you’re interested in buying ones for yourself, you can do so here if you live inside of Germany. If not, have a look for a vegan box in your country (for example Here is a vegan box if you reside in the US).

This is what was in the Vegan Box October (big one):

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If you add up all the prices you get 30,09€. The Vegan Box is 24,90€, so you save a few Euros and you get everything delivered to your house including some free testers! 🙂

I love the vegan box and find it really useful to get to know new vegan products. This is especially helpful for vegan newbies and other people interested in veganism. Even though some of the products in my box will only be available in Germany, others will be also be available internationally. So please, let me know if you’re interested in a monthly vegan box “haul” of this kind. And as always, feel free to ask in the comment section below if you want to know my opinion about the products.

I wish you all a wonderful and delicious day! 🙂

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