To the animals it’s not entertainment! – Wild animals in circuses


Support Tyke 2014, Peta Germany, free wild animals from circus


As you probably know, a vegan lifestyle includes more than the rejection of animal products. As a vegan, one rather wishes to avoid all forms of animal exploitation. Belonging also to this way of life is to question many things that always seemed to be natural and harmless. Suddenly a lot of things become dubious. One example of this is the use of animals in circuses.


Naturally, one does not need to be vegan to understand that the circus is no place for a wild animal! The following video shows that captivity of wild animals for the circus is extremely painful and traumatizing for the animals:






Unfortunately in a lot of countries including Germany, the keeping of wild animals is still legal. In many countries it has been banned, some of them even banning animals from circuses completely.

ban of keeping of wild animals in circuses worldwide


Source: Vier Pfoten – Animal Rights Organization, Germany 

Please sign the petition to ban wild animals from circuses in Germany! Please never support this cruelty by going to a circus with animals!



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