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Today I would like to introduce to you the cook book „Vegan for Fun“ by Attila Hildmann, a successful German author of vegan cook books. This book was the first vegan cook book I owned and I loved it from the beginning. The recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and great for beginners. Attila describes himself as someone that has a “mainstream” taste, which is clearly shown in his cookbook “Vegan for Fun”. The recipes aren’t that special, but they are really tasty and to be honest I prefer tasty simplicity to complex extravagance. I think I might have a “mainstream” taste as well 😉

Here there are some of the recipes that I have tried so far (I’ve tried almost half of the 60 recipes and me and my boyfriend loved them all, except one!):

About the structure of the book:

The book starts with a small section of reasons that support a vegan diet, tips for starting out and information about nutrition. After that there is a short part about Attila’s vegan life.

The recipe section is divided into the following categories:

  • Kitchen backstage (explanation of special ingredients)

  • Really satisfying (e.g. Spaghetti Bolognese, Tex-Mex-Burger, Kebab, veggie pizza)

  • Veggie-Party (e.g. Veggie-Shashlik-Sticks, Chili)

  • Vegan to go (e.g. Muesli bars, sandwiches)

  • Light and Delicious (e.g. sushi, salads, dips, drinks)

  • Sweet Rewards (e.g. Crème Brulée, Strawberry Cake, Pancakes)

At the end you will find tips for grocery shopping, on-the-run, things you should have at home, and links.

The difficulty level of the recipes range from incredibly easy to somewhat harder and the time needed to prepare the meals ranges from 10 minutes to (what seems like) 3 hours.^^

When I was still a vegetarian, I never really knew what to cook. “Vegan for Fun” was not only a great initial help during my transition to veganism, but also a general enrichment in the kitchen. Most of the vegan cook books are really creative and since slowly building up a collection of vegan cookbooks, it feels like I have even more variety and deliciousness in the kitchen than when I was simply vegetarian or omnivore. So, if you have a “mainstream” taste like me and are a vegan beginner, then I really recommend the book “Vegan for Fun” 🙂 It’s available in Kindle and e-book version and will be released in English in march, 2014.

Let me know your opinion about this cook book!



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