Vegan Wednesday #1



The event Vegan Wednesday takes place every week and it invites German bloggers to show off what they’ve eaten that day – everything has to be vegan, of course. Nevertheless, anyone can participate, whether omnivore, vegetarian or vegan bloggers. The organizers of this event (Cara from think. care. act., Regina from muc.vegJulia from Mixxed Greens and Carola from twoodledrum), with a lot of care and love, pick photos and upload them to Pinterest. The result being an incredible selection of vegan delicacies that with one glance show how much variety vegan cuisine has! A handy source for all vegans that have to answer the question: “what can you even eat?” 😉

Just have a look at last week’s beautiful photos – but be careful: it’ll make you hungry 😉

Even though every weekday is a vegan weekday for me, I’d love to participate in this event! So from now on I will show you guys every Wednesday what delicious vegan food I had 🙂

Let’s start: Vegan Wednesday number One 🙂


For breakfast I had (like most mornings) oats with oat milk. But today I put a lot of effort in the presentation 😉 This is my “Mandala” Muesli consisting of oats, oat milk, figs, banana, almonds and coconut flakes.


Russian Cabbage Soup at Kombüse, Mannheim

After a lecture at uni and a little bit of work on an assignment I went to Kombüse – a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Mannheim. Here I ate together with my boyfriend some Russian Cabbage Soup – tasty and pleasantly spicy! 🙂


As a little afternoon snack I had a few pieces of white Stracciatella-Cherry chocolate from Naturata, which I’d bought yesterday for the first time. Way too sweet for my liking, but other than that pretty good!


For dinner I tried out the Zwiebelkuchen recipe from vegänsch. Super yummy! I think this might be a good Christmas recipe!

I really enjoyed my Vegan Wednesday 🙂 I hope you all had a great day, as well! 



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