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I’m always surprised when I meet a vegetarian or vegan who has never heard of HappyCow before. That’s why I would like to introduce you all to this platform.

HappyCow is a website that lists vegetarian-friendly, vegetarian and vegan restaurants and also stores around the world.

Besides that, it offers a lot of information about vegetarianism, health, environment and recipes.

Personally, I use HappyCow because of their restaurant listings. Especially while traveling this is super helpful, because as a vegan you still want to enjoy delicious food when you’re on holidays and HappyCow helps you find nice places to eat.

During my semester in japan HappyCow rescued me 😉 As I described in this post, it wasn’t easy for me to find vegetarian food in Japan. After a few weeks I could find several vegetarian dishes, but sometimes there were situations where there was simply nothing for me to eat, at all – even though I was just a vegetarian back then. In general though: isn’t it nice and more relaxed to eat at a restaurant where you can just order what’s on the menu without having to ask for a custom meal?

The platform HappyCow lives through its users, because everyone can sign up for free, hand in restaurant listings and write reviews. I recommend you sign up and use this platform, because it will be helpful for you and you can also help others. By submitting listings and reviews you make it easier for people to stay vegetarian/vegan while traveling. And of course you also support the veggie restaurants.

The navigation on HappyCow is easy, but here is a quick guide: “HappyCow for Dummies” 😉

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So be sure to check out HappyCow to see which awesome restaurants you might have missed or which ones might be missing from the database. Also list them and write a review.

Was this helpful for you or did you know about HappyCow already?



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