For Tea lovers: IngenuiTEA tea filter pot


Avilia's Product Tip

IngenuiTEA filter

At the start of this year I bought my boyfriend (and myself 😉 ) the EasyTeaMaker, because we both love tea.

I couldn’t find the exact product on the internet anymore. I think they changed its name to “IngenuiTEA”, because it looks super similar to what we have. The principle is definitely the same and that’s why I would like to introduce to you the tea filter pot „IngenuiTEA“ as a little product tip – for all tea lovers out there 🙂

Personally, I usually drink nothing but water and tea, often more than one liter of tea a day. Also, we only buy loose tea leaves now and not tea bags. First we had one of those metal tea eggs. But you could only fit a little bit of tea in there and the thing would often let tea leaves out. I personally don’t like it, when I drink tea and little pieces of leaves end up in my mouth. So we started using paper tea bags, but on a long-term basis, this was not a solution because of the environmental/waste aspect. On the internet I found the tea filter “IngenuiTEA” and I really love it now! It filters perfectly, it is easy to clean and you can reuse the leaves in there until the tea starts to taste bitter.

It is simply genius how the filter works:

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  1. Put the tea leaves in the tea filter pot
  2. Pour boiling water into it
  3. Let it steep
  4. Now for the cool part 😉 Put the filter pot on top of your tea pot or tea cup. Doing this opens a little valve on the bottom of the filter pot, and the tea automatically flows out. As soon as you lift the filter pot, the filter closes itself and the tea won’t spill
  5. You can refill several times
  6. To clean it, just take the leaves out and wash it (dish washer proof also)

The “IngenuiTEA” is offered in two sizes: 470ml and 950ml. Personally, I would always take the 470ml one, because it is 10€ cheaper and you can just refill it with more water anyway.

If you drink a lot of loose tea at home and you’re looking for a tea filter, then my tip might be of help for you 🙂 If you’re always on the go, a bottle, like this one might be the better choice. You can also refill this one several times 🙂

I hope you like this little tip!




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