The Cove


I love Japan from the bottom of my heart. It has the most beautiful nature, kindest people and traditional culture. However, Japan is not perfect. Regarding animal rights it might be one of the worst countries in the world.

One example is whaling and dolphin hunting. Even though research shows that 95% of Japanese never eat whale meat and that 69% of Japanese do not support whaling, it still takes place. A lot of Japanese people are not aware of what is happening in “the cove”. Let me explain it to you:

This month Japan’s dolphin hunting season began. It takes place every year from September to April in Taiji. The number of dolphins caught is incredibly high, for example 1,623 dolphins being caught in 2007.

In Taiji, a small fishing village, dolphins and pilot whales are pushed into a little cove. By hitting the walls and creating sound that disorientates the animals, they swim toward the shore. Then, with mothers and babies separated, the dolphins become injured or even die from stress and exhaustion. The animals are kept in a net overnight and as the sun rises on the cove, the water turns red. The fishermen stab most of the dolphins and whales with spears. These are sold for their meat that contains high levels of mercury. The “pretty ones” that are not killed get sold to the marine park industry. They have to live in captivity their whole life, tortured until they are trained to do tricks and can be used for entertainment.

If you want to find more about this, watch the documentary “The cove” and go on Here you can find plenty of ways how you can get active and help the dolphins. Please sign the petition! What you can also do: do not visit any parks where dolphins or whales are being held captive. Once again it is up to the consumer to stop this madness. If no one visits these places, they will have to shut down!

Did you know about „the cove“? Have you seen the documentary on it?



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