Briefly, about Germanys „Bundestags“ parliamental election



I am disappointed with yesterday’s election results.

How people can vote for the CDU, especially young people, I will never understand. As I do in other areas, here as well I point at ignorance as the guilty party. Somehow “mommy Merkel” has the talent to create a bubble of 100% security around her German children – it also appeared to me like that for a long time. However, if one would just inform themselves a little bit about her party, they would find out quickly that the CDU stands for intolerance, injustice and environmental damage. I am the saddest when looking at their stand on the topics: double citizenships, energy change and the adoption right for homosexual couples. These I would have really wished for. If I think of the new coal power stations they want to build, I start feeling sick.

About the FDP: even if I don’t support them, I find it shocking that they will no longer be represented in the Bundestag. With the loss of the FDP, liberal thinkers will have no more political representation. I know there are more than a few of these people.

I will purposely have no comment on the result of the Alternative party for Germany 😉

Still, my hope will die last. In four additional years, people will have to notice the problems we’re having and will have had enough of Merkel and her party! Call me naïve, but I will never stop believing in a better future: one with 100% renewable energies and one without factory farming! 🙂

In the end, we should not forget how lucky we truly are! To live in a country where we have the right to vote; where there is enough stability that we can always feel relatively secure regardless of the party in power and that our country will not completely go down the plughole…



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