Order from alles-vegetarisch.de


Last week I received a big order from alles-vegetarisch.de. It’s a German online shop that offers vegan products only. They have everything: fake meat products, animal food, make-up, t-shirts and much more.

Here is what I ordered:

alles-vegetarisch order

  • 1x Vantastic Foods Veggie Bacon, 250g
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Veggie Tuna, 300g
  • 3x Wilmersburger vegan cheese slices, 150g
  • 4x Vantastic Foods soy Medallions fake meat, 200g
  • 1x Bruno Fischer Salad-Mayonnaise, 240g
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Soy Big Steaks, fake meat, 500g
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Soy fake meat cubes, 1.5 kg
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Cooking-Set Goulash, 300g soy cubes + 75g Goulash spice blend
  • 4x Sante Dental Med tooth paste Vitamin B12, 75ml
  • 1x Wilmersburger pizza cheese, 500g
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Veggie smoked salami, 50g
  • 1x Vantastic Foods Veggie sausages, 200g
  • 2x Vantastic Foods Knöpfle Vegan Spätzle (German noudles), 250g
  • The magazines, wooden spoon and chocolate cookie thing came for free 🙂

Altogether it was 74.04€ – it seems expensive but if you consider how much I ordered and how long it will last me it is a really good price. The good thing is that vegan products usually last a very long time (at least a few months or even years). It is really worth it to order a lot from a vegan online shop because it’s not as bad for the environment and ordering in bulk is a lot cheaper in comparison.

Have you ever ordered vegan products online? No matter where you live, which online shop can you recommend? 




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