“Everything has been said already, but not yet by everyone.” – Karl Valentin


Quote of the Day

You know when you come across a quotation and it speaks to you one hundred percent, when it fits perfectly to your life or to yourself in that moment? Surely you know this feeling, as well.

I simply love quotations and funnily the quote above describes exactly, why I love them. Everything has probably been said already and a quotation can put your own thoughts in a nutshell that you couldn’t put into words yourself.

That’s why I thought it might be cool if I blogged every now and then about quotations that I like. Quotations that make me think and that I simply want to share with you. Sometimes I will just post them without a comment and sometimes I will give them my two cents worth 😉

So here is my two cents about the quotation above:

I came across it shortly before I started this blog. For me it seemed like a wakeup call to finally start blogging.

I would like to share this motivation with you: If you are playing with the thought of doing something like this – be it blogging (especially about vegetarianism, but of course also about other topics 😉 ), writing, painting, playing music, expressing yourself in some way in public: just do it! Stop doubting yourself and giving a shit about what other people think about you. If you want to do something, do it. Life is simply too short not to.

Especially if it concerns a topic that is very important to you, like veganism is to me. In my opinion there cannot be enough blogs about veganism! Even if all deal with the same topic, every blog is a at least a little different. Every thought being written down can inspire someone else, just as quotations do so every day.

Now I’m sure my thoughts aren’t wholly unique, and there are hundreds of people who have thought these same thoughts. Even so, I still want to speak them out loud, write them down and share them with you, because: “Everything has been said already, but not yet by everyone.”



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