My story: Why did I decide to become vegetarian/vegan? – Part 3: Finally Vegan!



So I became vegetarian and feeling really great about it. Even though realizing the cruelty of mass food production can be really suffocating, it felt good to finally be a part of it no longer, or so I thought. However, I realized quickly that I was still supporting animal suffering by consuming milk products and eggs. I wanted to give this up as well, and become vegan. The problem was trying to transition.

A huge problem was that at that time I was right about to start my semester abroad in Japan. Everyone who has been to the land of the rising sun knows how difficult it is to lead a vegetarian lifestyle there – not to mention a vegan one. Therefore, I pushed back taking the step towards veganism somewhat – until after my semester in Japan.

In February 2013, I came back to Germany. After a few weeks I had planned to start my vegan trial. A few weeks turned into 3 months. Only in mid March I finally managed to transfer to veganism completely.

Before that though, I only cooked vegan at home while at my parents’ house I often ate cheese and when out for dinner I would just eat vegetarian food. As with my transition to vegetarianism, my transition to veganism was rather smooth. Very rarely did I consume dairy products and eggs not at all, except when there was some egg powder in something. After a little while I started noticing that I felt sick every time after I ate dairy products. Was it my bad conscience? Sudden lactose intolerance? No idea. Finally I had decided: On the 6th of May my vegan trial begins. In order not to put too much pressure on myself, I wanted to simply try out veganism for 30 days. Luckily, I knew myself well enough that this would, in truth, mean my full transition. The weekend beforehand I shoveled all the food inside that I used to like: mozzarella, camembert, Kinder chocolate etc. Man was I feeling sick during those days! Endless stomach cramps… This gave me the needed push and my absolute motivation: from now on I’m vegan! I couldn’t wait!

There is this awesome diet program by Attilla Hildmann, a German vegan cook book author. I thought I could just use his program to start my vegan diet. During this 30 day challenge, it is more than just eggs, dairy products, honey and (of course) dead animals that are off the menu: included in the ‘taboo list’ is also coffee, alcohol, industrial sugar and white flour. Simply out of curiosity I wanted to try out his program and also because there are hundreds of people in Germany who are crazy about it: they report less tiredness, better skin, more energy and weight loss. Though I didn’t want the weight loss to happen. That’s why I had to be careful to eat plenty, especially nuts and bread. After two weeks I had lost 2 kilos already and unfortunately had to stop the challenge. Still, now it was even easier to be “normally” vegan 🙂

In retrospect: a breeze. I pushed back the decision, but I just needed my time. Now I am endlessly happy to finally be vegan. I really don’t miss anything. Why would I? I chose to be vegan. It’s not that I’m not allowed to eat something. Vegans are allowed to eat whatever they want. We simply don’t want to eat certain things. Why should I want to eat something whose production makes animals suffer horribly, something that I don’t even need? Because the commercials tell me I do? And in general: why should I eat anything from an animal if I don’t need it? If you really think about it you’ll realize what certain products actually are: breast milk from another species, chicken’s menstruation, bee’s vomit. 😀 Why eat that? It doesn’t have to be like this, does it? 🙂

So, that was my story.



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  3. Wow, almost exactly like my story! I’ve also started with VFF and then stayed vegan… Eating ‘normally vegan’ after the ‘Challenge’ felt really easy then (even though I really enjoyed VFF), so it was a perfectly easy transition… 🙂

    • 🙂 Yeah, it really was! I enjoyed VFF a lot, as well. I can’t wait for Attila’s new book and new healthy recipes! And especially the part about Japan and meditation I find really interesting 🙂

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