The Simple Things in Life



The other day I found this on our kitchen table! This little note really made my day. My roommate had left it for me. He always drinks this Yogi tea, where there is a little saying on every tea bag. They can be truly wise but sometimes the sayings are rather flat. Anyway, I found it so funny that this exact saying was lying on the kitchen table. I saw it and I was really happy!

It doesn’t have to be big happiness, because it’s these simple things in life that sometimes matter. When I got home I was feeling ok, but as soon as I found this note, my mood got so much better. It doesn’t hurt anyone to be nice to someone, to smile at a random person on the train, to hold the door open for someone or simply to say “bless you”. We never know what is going on in other peoples’ lives. Maybe the guy in the supermarket had just lost his brother, the woman on the bus recently separated from her husband or maybe everything is going wrong for one of your friends today. Why make it worse with a grumpy face and rudeness when you can make it better through simple kindness and small gestures? Maybe we will get a nice smile in return and if not, at least we smiled for ourselves and put ourselves in a good mood. Even when it’s our turn and we have a bad day, or something bad has happened, we should always try to be nice and kind to others and never take our bad mood out on someone.

I know that sometimes this is hard and I myself am no prime example, at all, but I learnt a lesson from my roommate who with a simple gesture put a smile on my face. Thank you!



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