Avilia’s Way – The Story Behind My Blog Name



You’re probably expecting a great story about my pseudonym “Avilia“. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you… I simply made up the name “Avilia”. Behind that idea lies no more than these thoughts: 1st I wanted the name to start with “A” – like my real name. 2nd There had to be a “V” for Veggie. And the ending, “ilia”, I simply find beautiful!

Well, now it’s out. 😀 You’re probably stunned. 🙂

Nah, I was actually going to tell you about the “Way” in my blog name! Behind that lies a bit more. For me, the ‘Way’ stands for an ethical lifestyle. To understand this I have to explain to you in short my basic understanding of ethics and what it means to me. (According to my knowledge, my personal has a lot of Buddhist aspects, even though I approached it being inspired by Aristotle. Though it’s probably better if I go into all that in another post…)

For me ethics is directly connected to happiness. I strongly believe that true happiness is not possible without leading an ethically good life. In the end, everything we do, we do in order to be happy. Often it is difficult to realize what actually makes us happy. Some things might be enjoyable and fun, but often no more than that. The problem is when we think that these things actually make us happy and we try to hunt down all these little fun, enjoyable things that make us feel good. If we don’t harm anyone by doing this, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, if we think this lifestyle will make us truly happy, we are wrong. Sooner or later we’ll feel empty and unhappy. That is why I find it essential to really think about what makes us happy. I came to the conclusion, much like Aristotle, that a good ethical life is the only way to achieve (how Aristotle calls it) “eudaimonia” – the highest human good: happiness.

What do I imagine true happiness to be like? I think it is so much more than enjoyment and fun. It is an enormous profound state. For me it means stability, strength and balance because if one is truly happy nothing can take this happiness away. Of course, one can still be sad, angry or upset, but these are just emotions, they are shallower and cannot harm happiness.

I think this kind of true happiness as well as an ethical lifestyle is extremely hard to achieve and it is a long road consisting of many little steps. Each of those steps is very important. Most people (including me) will probably never reach true happiness, but I’d say: the closer the better and the journey is the destination. So, this is the meaning behind my blog. Here I want to tell you everything about my attempt to go on this way, about my thoughts and ideas along it. An important step that I’ve already taken was to decide to lead a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. This decision really opened my eyes and heart in many ways and I can’t do anything but share it with you.



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