Bundestagswahl 2013 – Animal Welfare in German Politics


In Germany the Bundestags election will be held on 22 September to determine the main federal legislative house of Germany.

Looks like for the animals it would be best to vote for the Green party!

parteien_bundestag_gross(My attempt of translation: 1 collective claim for animal protection, 2 Ban cruel breeding, 3 Ban amputations without anaesthesia, 4 ban small group cages, 5 ban caging of rabbits, 6 Improve anaesthesia before slaughtering, 7 limit kosher butchering, 8 more animal protection in vet authorities, 9 reduce meat consumption, 10 obligational label for processed eggs, 11 labels for different lifestock farming for meat and fish, 12 stricter hunting laws, 13 ban keeping wild animals in the circus, 14 ban dolphin aquariums, 15 ban breeding animals for fur, 16 regulation of animal testing, 17 ban painful branding, 18 reform the animal protection laws)


Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt

http://albert-schweitzer-stiftung.de/tierschutzinfos/wahlpruefsteine/tierschutz-bundestagswahl-2013 )

How’s the animal welfare in your country?



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