Oh no, not another veggie blog! – why I decided to start my own blog


If you’re vegetarian or vegan and active on the Internet, you might think „Here we go again, yet another veggie blog!“. By now there are numerous blogs out there that deal with the topic of Vegetarianism. From recipes to the 30-day-vegan-for-fit-challenge (you will find out what this is soon enough, english speakers!) or the simple lifestyle blogs – in the world of the internet there’s already everything one could hope to find.

Nevertheless, I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog for a few months now. This is because I’m a fresh vegan and I’ve just recently taken Morpheuses  red pill (or was it the green one?) .


When you first find out what is actually going on in our society and in the food industry, it hits you. You think: how the hell is this all possible and why have I never thought about it before? And why doesn’t anyone else? Sometimes I wish I could just scream at everyone and tell them what is actually going on!

Sadly, that’s not how it works. I came to realize  that quite quickly, but every now and then I still feel  the need to talk, which up till now I managed via facebook posts (long live the social network!). Even though I was under the impression that I was limiting myself with my posts, it wasn’t long before I got the first annoyed, as well as annoying, comments. By then at the latest, I realized that this was not the right way and so decided I wanted to write a blog. Here I could get everything off my chest without bothering anyone.

As you might have noticed, behind all this lies more than the mere wish to simply get things off of my chest. From the bottom of my heart I wish to contribute to change. I want animals not to have to suffer anymore and for humans to stop exploiting them. Veganism is the way to achieve this and if I convince only one other person to become vegetarian or vegan, then this blog was worth it!

Still, it took me a few weeks to get the courage to start this blog. Why I think I have the courage for it now is probably because of the impressions and inspiration I’m receiving here in Berlin, such as  a speech by Dr. Melanie Joy at the VeggieParade (more about this another time). After her talk it was clear: I have to start doing more. I have to start my blog. When, if not now?

Now a quick “Hi” to all the  bemused non-vegetarians. “What?” you might think. “Blogs about vegetarianism?! Who is writing or reading that?!” Yeah, there are weird things in this world, I tell you 🙂 . And if you were thinking this, then this blog is exactly the right address for you – a heartfelt welcome!



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  1. Hey there! I’m so glad you decided to start a vegan blog. I think that the more of us who lift our voices, the more things will change. I’ve been vegan for almost two years and I started a vegan blog 8 months ago. I know for a fact that I’ve had an impact on several people and have even convinced one couple to go vegan. I’m sure you’re making an impact too!! I’m so happy that I’ve discovered your blog and I look forward to getting to know you better! Celeste “The Honking Vegan” – honk, honk!

    • Hi Celeste! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and the encouragement, I really appreciate it! I totally agree with you and believe just by being vegan we have an impact on other people. But really changing someone to actually become vegan is a huge step! It’s incredible that you have changed so many lives already 🙂 I hope one day I can say the same! Your blog is great, by the way! 🙂 – Avilia

      • I’m sure you have made more impact than you realize!! I love your blog and appreciate that you’re speaking up for the voiceless! Thanks for the nice comments about my blog and for following too!! Celeste 🙂

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